Another Successful Project - Amphitheatre

Published on February 24

A bit of background

Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois is home to this amazing new amphitheatre. It was constructed as a place for people visiting the hospital to sit and reflect. With beautiful views of the waterfall located at the front of the hospital, this is the perfect quiet place when people need a moment to process and contemplate.

The challenge 

This project required constant communication with our customer, the end-user, the installer, and all parties associated with the build. More than ever, it was important to make sure everyone understood and agreed on each step of the process because it was being installed a great distance away from our facility, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody involved wanted to have to ship the parts back to Woodstock as it would have been a massive inconvenience and a hefty additional cost. It had to be right the first time!

Our part

At KYJO Steel, we put our experience to the test and manufactured all of the steel framing that supports the “stage” portion as well as the seating. This was a labour-intensive process, but we are thrilled with the results. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the project and know it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Find out more about the build on the “Project” page on our website!

This is just one more example of how, at KYJO Steel, we create form for function…

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