From 44W to AR400 Steel

Published on November 17



Grade 44W


Grade 44W steel is commonly used for general building construction, and typically involves field or shop welding. While it is the most commonly available of the hot-rolled steels, it is not specifically recommended for low temperature applications. Grade 44W steel is easily fabricated and can be expertly formed with both hot and cold methods. It comes in various shapes such as angle, round bar,  channel, flat bar and plate – and can often be found used in trailers, walkways, ramps, structural supports, as well as many other types of general fabrication.




This steel is classified as a carbon steel and is used in applications for wear and tear, where abrasions are a concern. While it is not ideal for structural applications (think support beams for buildings or bridges), it can commonly be found in applications that involve rugged usage such as chutes for gravel or coal mines, liners for heavy equipment, and even rifle range silhouette targets. The ‘AR’ in AR00, stands for abrasion resistant. It has a minimum hardness of 360 on the Brinell scale and a normal hardness of 400 (hence the 400 in the name).   AR400 material is difficult to roll and form, but it can be done.


Not sure what kind of steel is best for your application? That’s where we come in. We will work with you from design to completion to ensure your metal fabrication needs are not only met but exceeded…at a reasonable price point. Contact KYJO Steel for more information or request a quote on our website to get the ball (or the steel) rolling.

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